Daniel D. Mason

Dan Mason

Dan Mason graduated from Capital University Law School in May of 1991, Magna Cum Laude and fifth in his class of 185, scoring in the 100th percentile of the Ohio State Bar Examination.  Dan has nearly three decades of litigation experience in Ohio’s State and Federal courts, and has dedicated his career to helping his clients through serious and complicated cases.  Helping clients navigate and resolve difficult legal matters is for Dan, what makes being a lawyer worthwhile. Dan has represented clients in serious and complicated personal injury cases involving traumatic brain injury, spine, shoulder and other bone injuries, face, jaw and head injuries, knee injuries, lacerations and scars and wrongful death. Dan has the tenacity and know-how to manage and negotiate settlements and navigate the ever-changing laws involving repayment demands of insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid. Dan has won cases in the Ohio Supreme Court and the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, involving wrongful death and child sexual abuse, as well as other serious matters.

Dan has successfully represented clients in State and Federal court and before administrative bodies such as the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Labor, Civil Service Commission, Ohio Bureau of Employment Services, and others.  He has represented individuals, corporations, small businesses, and sole proprietors.  Besides experience representing private persons and entities, he has represented public bodies, including school boards, cities, townships, and villages. Dan promises experience, skill, hard work, dedication, and trust. 

Dan is a native of Zanesville in Central Ohio but moved to Lorain County in 1991 and made it his home.

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