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Personal injuries can be physical injuries but can also be emotional injuries, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Common causes of personal injuries are motor vehicle accidents, accidents at home or at work, accidents in public places and attacks by dogs.  We represent people who have sustained a variety of serious and sometimes complicated injuries including traumatic brain injury, spine, shoulder and other bone injuries, face, jaw and head injuries, knee injuries, lacerations and scars and wrongful death.

*If Giardini, Poplar & Mason, LLC agree to represent you in your personal injury case, you will not get any bills and you will not have to pay for any attorney fees unless we recover money for you.

Operation of businesses can encompass may activities such as advising businesses regarding following corporate (or other business entity) formalities, avoiding and resolving internal disputes and managing external relationships and agreements/contracts with third parties such as customers, vendors, suppliers, financing institutions and landlords. Our attorneys also handle Commercial Real Estate and Transactions and Employment Law. 

Unfortunately, business relationships sometimes lead to disputes between partners, shareholders, employees, customers, vendors and other third-parties.We handle business disputes through various methods including negotiation, mediation and litigation.Our attorneys have represented businesses in lawsuits concerning many industries, including automotive, insurance, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation and agriculture

Commercial real estate is complex. Navigating your way through commercial real estate matters and transactions can lead to disastrous results. At Giardini, Poplar & Mason, LLC, we assist clients regarding property sales and purchases, property holding company entity selection and set-up, operating and partnership agreements, property leasing and zoning and government regulations.Our attorneys also handle Business Law and Employment Law related to Commercial Real Estate businesses as well as Construction Defect and Property Damage matters.

In addition to commercial real estate, our attorneys advise clients regarding residential real estate matters including purchase and sale agreements, leases and lawsuits and disputes

Construction Defects result from a deficiency in the construction process regarding the design, workmanship and/or materials used in construction that result in damage to the owner.Construction defects litigation generally involves multiple parties and insurance companies

The attorneys at Giardini, Poplar & Mason, LLC have significant experience representing owners and contractors in construction defect and real estate damage disputes concerning commercial, agricultural and residential construction projects.

Employment law provides rules and guidance for how owners, supervisors, managers and employees interact with one another to ensure that everyone is being treated fairly in a safe respectful working environment free of discrimination.Ohio is considered an “at-will” work state, which means that employers and employees mayterminate employment at any time for any non-discriminatory reason. However, employers cannot terminate employment for any discriminatory reason or in retaliation for an employee taking part in any legally protected activity such as reporting unsafe working conditions.

The legal landscape surrounding the employer-employee relationship has always been a complicated one and has only increased in complexity in recent years with the expansion of the classes of people entitled to protection from discrimination, the instantaneous flow of information through the internet and social media and now, with the onslaught of COVID19.

Probate refers to the court process of enforcing the terms of a will and distributing the assets of a deceased person’s estate according to the person’s wishes as stated in his/her will. The process includes filing a will, appointing an executor or representative to administer the estate, distributing the deceased person’s assets to his/her intended beneficiaries and receiving court review and approval ensuring that the estate was distributed correctly and in accordance with the deceased person’s wishes. The administration of an estate can proceed smoothly without complications. However, disputes and issues may arise during the administration of an estate.Beneficiaries may disagree to the intended distribution, family members may dispute the validity of the will, creditors of the deceased person may make claims that they are entitled to the estate assets. Our attorneys can assist you and your family throughout the probate process to make it proceed as smoothly as possible and to address any complications that may arise.

Additionally, Giardini, Poplar & Mason, LLC can assist you with planning your estate to protect your assets, provide for the care of loved ones, leave bequests to charities that are meaningful to you and assist you in formalizing your wishes regarding distribution of your assets following your death. Our attorneys use various legal tools to ensure your wishes are honored and followed, including wills, advanced directives, trusts, limited liability companies and other estate planning and property distribution strategies

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