Frequently Asked Questions

Employment law provides rules and guidance for how owners, supervisors, managers and employees interact with one another to ensure that everyone is being treated fairly in safe working environment.

We accept cash, credit cards and checks.  

At Giardini, Poplar & Mason, LLC, we do not practice every kind of law, but would love the opportunity to discuss your legal needs with you to determine whether and how we can be of service.  If we do not handle your type of matter, we will try to provide you with a referral to an attorney who does.

We keep our clients updated throughout the process beginning to end.  We keep open lines of communication through phone, email or text.

You can reach us directly at 440-984-7012 or request a consultation online now.

Every case is different and unique, we would be glad to provide a free consultation to discuss your case and needs.  Before making any major decisions it is always best seek counsel.

Operation of businesses can encompass many activities such as advising businesses regarding corporate formalities, avoiding and resolving internal disputes as well as outside disputes concerning customers, vendors or suppliers.

Throughout the recent events  and changes with the current pandemic we have made accommodations for clients to assist them via phone, video chat and email.  We also meet with clients in person for pre-scheduled meetings and take all recommended precautions to avoid the spread of Covid19.

Please contact our office if you are interested in hiring our attorneys.  Our law firm does not represent you unless we have an agreement in writing.

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