Employment Law

Employment law encompasses the laws that control how employers and employees work with one another. Employment law provides rules and guidance for how owners, supervisors, managers and employees interact with one another to ensure that everyone is being treated fairly in a safe and respectful working environment free of discrimination.

Ohio is considered an “at-will” work state, which means that employers and employees may terminate employment at any time for any non-discriminatory reason. However, employers cannot terminate employment for any discriminatory reason or in retaliation for an employee taking part in any legally protected activity such as reporting unsafe working conditions.

The legal landscape surrounding the employer-employee relationship has always been a complicated one and has only increased in complexity in recent years with the expansion of classes of people entitled to protection from discrimination, the instantaneous flow of information through the internet and social media and now, with the onslaught of COVID19.

Giardini, Poplar & Mason, LLC can assist your business in all aspects of employment management and problem-solving including:

Creation of and Updating Employment Handbooks

Management of Problematic Employee Situations

Employment Agreements

Non-Competition Agreements 

Severance Agreement

Consultation regarding Hiring and Termination

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Ohio Civil Rights Commission Investigations

Unemployment Applications and Appeals

Employment-related Lawsuits

Giardini, Poplar & Mason, LLC of Lorain County Ohio are your trusted local Attorneys.  We handle Employment Law for all the communities of Lorain County, Ohio such as Lorain, North Ridgeville, Amherst, Sheffield and Vermilion and Elyria Ohio.

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