Anthony B. Giardini

Anthony B Giardini

Anthony (Tony) Giardini has dedicated his life and over-40 year legal career working for the economic and social development of the City of Lorain.

Tony’s law practice includes all aspects of the commercial property business, from the nuts and bolts of entity selection and transactional document preparation to deal negotiation through relationship management and commercial enterprise operation. Tony has been instrumental in the success of countless commercial real estate transactions (on his own behalf and on behalf of clients), including ground-up property development, turnaround of problem projects, acquisition and operation of new business start-ups as well as divestitures of existing developments and businesses.

And Tony’s law practice perfectly aligns with his personal interest in and love for the City of Lorain and surrounding areas. His own businesses and developments include the popular Lighthouse Village shopping Center on Leavitt Road, the beautiful waterfront Harborwalk Residential Community at the mouth of the Black River and (his most recent project) the Shipyards Event Center and Entertainment venue in the historic industrial Lorain shipyard building.

Tony’s unparalleled passion for business and commerce is contagious. His clients are consistently thrilled with his entrepreneurial spirit, creative thinking and technical know-how and are astonished with his ability to resolve seemingly insurmountable obstacles and slash through red tape.

In addition to his legal and business pursuits, Tony is the Chairman of the Lorain County Democratic Party, member of the Lorain County Board of Elections, active sportsman, member of the Lorain Schools Alumni Association, supporter of the Lorain City Schools and avid Lorain Titans fan.

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